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Our Approach


We'll work through any difficult decision, cut through the jargon, giving common sense advice and help you stay disciplined. We'll also create a picture of your wealth over time that is easy to understand and which will become the core of all financial decisions.

Our fees are transparent and reasonable. Before you agree to become a client and pay a penny in fees, we'll invest time and expertise in reviewing your situation to ensure that we are the right wealth partner for you – and that we can deliver significant and real value

To make working easy, effective and enjoyable as possible we have developed a structured process. This process combines three essential element – Strategy, Structure & Support, to make managing your wealth feel like common sense



In our Experience people don't have financial goals, but life goals that have financial implications. We will work with you to help uncover, articulate and prioritise your life goals so that you have the confidence to make good financial decisions, both now and in the years ahead.

Understanding your emotional feelings about money, together with our logical and rational approach, will increase the likelihood of you achieving your aspirations.


Our approach ensures that you will stay financially well organized and with our structured process, you'll know exactly where your wealth is and what it is doing. Initial planning and progress meetings have clear agendas, client set expectations and are followed up in writing with a suitable report.

We use the latest online planning and collaboration tools to present understandable wealth plans that will resonate and help you feel more in control. Our 'back office' activities ensure that we take care of all the important 'stuff', whether that is rebalancing your portfolio, minimizing tax, liaising with your accountant/solicitor, or reminding you of things that you need to do.


Developing a wealth plan is one thing, but implementing it and sticking with it is another! We'll be with you year in, year out, ensuring that your plan adapts to whatever life throws at you.

We will hold you accountable for the decisions you make, to ensure that these are in line with your true values and that you stay disciplined in the face of inevitable economic uncertainty and media 'noise'. More importantly we'll be there for your family if illness or death means that you can no longer manage the family wealth.


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Financial News


  • My adviser spent a great deal of time asking us questions to ensure he fully understood out financial situation and our expectations for the years ahead. He used that information to devise a suitable plan for our investments.

    Steve, Medical Illustrator

  • AWMS made it all seem so easy and provide an excellent service. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    D McLaughlin, Glasgow

  • AWMS has looked after my investments for a number of years and I have no problems in recommending them to others. They have always been very professional and helpful and they contact me on a regular basis to review my investments. I have also uses them for advice on investments for my grandchildren.

    Gavin, Company Owner

  • I have held various investments via my bank for a long time and had lost track of what I had as they had stopped providing any ongoing advice. AWMS spent a long time writing to companies and finding out where I stood. They put in place a new plan paying me a monthly income and I am delighted to have the weight off my mind.

    Mrs. E Beattie, Falkirk

  • AWMS have proved to be very able and efficient in our dealings with him in regard to savings and investment planning. They also demonstrated a flexibility in dealing with our specific circumstances I.e. Residing on a remote Scottish island where travel and communication can prove problematic. For example, they flew to a neighbouring island for our initial meeting with him.

    Mr C Stevenson, Retired

  • I have been relying on the professional services and expert advice from AWMS for many years. The financial advice and strategies to manage wealth have been outstanding. The advisers are knowledge experts with an in-depth competence about all aspects of investing, pension and wealth planning.

    Dr M Marck, Retired

  • The AWMS adviser has been our IFA for over 15 years and he has always provided sound financial advice and guidance with our investments in all that time. The service has been excellent, whether through regular investment reviews which provide you with detailed levels of information about each of your investments, or just the fundamental requirement for general financial advice.

    John & Edith, Retired